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Tree Services

Tree Trimming & Emergency Tree Service for East & North Side Of The Big Island

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Welcome to Arborist Services LLC based in Kamuela, HI. We offer top notch tree services for your residential or commercial needs. It's a big job maintaining your property's trees, and a job that you often don't necessarily have the time to do. We have a certified arborist on staff that has the expertise to manage the wide variety of trees found in Hawai'i.

Trees are Hawaii's natural resource. We all know that overgrown trees can be dangerous. By calling on Arborist Services LLC you can be sure that you are removing your trees and stumps in the most sound way possible, for both your family and the environment. For professional tree services on the Big Island, call on us and get a free quote.

Trimming and maintenance

Some varieties of trees, including palms and cocos, require ongoing maintenance as they age which is where we step in. Our staff in Kamuela can also treat trees with safe materials to ensure a continued healthy life. We inspect trees for insect and disease infestation, perform routine tree surgery, and treat and dress cut surfaces to protect them from further infestation. We also clean and treat rot and infestations to eliminate pests and fungi.

Don't let your yard become an unruly jungle. We guarantee that all tree trimming debris are cleaned and removed from site. Our tree services will leave your property attractive and orderly, just like a property in beautiful Hawai'i should be.  Call to learn more about the tree trimming services that we offer in Kamuela, Kona, Hawaii and surrounding areas.
Tree trimming underway in Hilo, HI
Worker is trimming trees, part of the many tree services offered in Kamuela and Kona, HI

Tree health and risk assessment

Our tree services focus on keeping your trees healthy, which fulfills quite a few important tasks that all property owners have to face one way or another. Trees age, they rot; or their limbs begin to sag and threaten to fall on a roof.

Arborist Services LLC provides tree services for all of Big Island from Hilo to Kona. We work to trim those boughs, cut down that dead tree, remove those stumps, or trim tree branches grown awry. Additionally, if a branch has already fallen on your roof, our emergency tree services are designed to remove the fallen bough safely and professionally. 

Albizia Bill

We are in the process of helping many Waimea home owners deal with the new County council Bill 64 the “Albizia Bill.” The revised bill now allows the county to clear occupied as well as unoccupied property of “unsafe flora” at the cost of the landowner. If an abutting land owner or a majority of owners within 500 feet make a written request to investigate, you may have to either remove or at least, devise a “treatment plan.” We are currently working with many Hawaii homeowners to remove the invasive Albizia trees. Branches can break and trunks split on this delicate invasive species tree because of storms or strong winds. Arborist Services is listed as an approved arborist with the Hawaii Civil Defense to assess and remove unsafe flora like the Albizia tree. 

Tree removal and tree services

At Arborist Services LLC we offer a variety of tree services using a range of methods and techniques for tree work and removal. Our experts will customize a service based on your specific trees and needs, including:
  • Ornamental pruning to customer's specifications 
  • Ascends a variety of trees of varying heights using ropes, spikes, ladders, hydraulic or mechanical equipment to trim, prune, and treat shade and ornamental trees 
  • We use a variety of hand and power tools such as hand saws, chain saws, and pole saws to shape and trim fronds and tree branches 
  • Remove, relocate and transplant trees 
  • We provide consulting work involving boundaries and borders; tree identification, tree risk assessments, tree health analysis and hazardous tree evaluation
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